• Music

    Music helps children to develop musical, emotional, physical and intellectual skills through acapella singing games, live guitar, rhymes, action songs, parachute play, listening, puppets, moving to recorded and live music and playing along on percussion instruments. It’s a wonderful opportunity for children to explore the joy of music and interaction with instruments and their peer groups.

  • Music the Montessori Way

    The Montessori method focuses on the idea that every child should have the freedom to express themselves through music. In fact, musical and creative activities are respected as much as any other form of learning. Each child will receive support and encouragement, whether they are learning about music, playing an instrument or moving to the music. 

  • Class Schedule

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  • Our games and activities will provide hours of fun for your child.

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  • What Children Can Learn From Music

    Studies have shown that music is so important to early childhood education. It helps children in a number of different ways, from logic and problem-solving skills to developing a varied vocabulary. When children learn to play along to music or sing songs, they also learn to develop other musical skills such as rhyme and meter. We also learn about other cultures and languages through the exploration of music and songs from around the world.

    • My son has settled well here. Everyone is welcoming and knows our names. He loves his key person and is in a small group of 7 children. Agree he gets messy but they give you t shirts so you don’t have to use your own clothes. He loves the trips out to the beach and park and exploring in the huge garden. He loves it so I’m happy. They are also flexible with the sessions. Oh the building work previously referred to has finished. If you want a personal touch then try here.

    • My child has settled in well. A personal welcome each day and good bonds with all staff. Children all seem happy and their is a friendly atmosphere. Small rooms and groups of children makes sure everyone really gets to know your child. Love it here

    • What can i say ,i have found this nursery different from all the rest.Staff are friendly and supported my disabled child so well he has come on in leaps and bounds.I am always welcome to stay or call any time.It is being decorated inside at the moment and is a bright place to be.The garden is the sort of place where kids can get up to all sorts of mischief with out getting hurt,but be warned do they get dirty.(which I dont mind).lovely home cooked dinners are a bonus,and activities all look like such good fun.

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