Aims & Values

  • Clacton Montessori & Day Nursery offers a teaching approach that is inspired by the Montessori Method. Our aim is to help children to build their understanding and knowledge of the world around them using their senses. We do this methodically by preparing an environment that is designed to give children meaningful activities adapted to their specific stage of development. Through this method we can encourage growth in development, such as independence, observation, responsibility and concentration.

  • Learning Through Experiences

    At our setting, we give children a wonderful opportunity to learn through experiences. This may be practical life experiences, such as folding, pouring, matching, threading, washing, etc. We also use a wealth of Montessori learning materials, such as sensorial, language and mathematical resources.

  • Learning Through Play

    We encourage and promote play by offering an organised and well-planned environment. Our specially designed activities invite children to have fun with water, sand, painting, dough, construction, puzzles, cutting, toys and much more. We also encourage children to get involved in imaginative play and role play and in the ‘home corner’ children can also learn about social, personal and moral issues.

  • Nurturing Relationships

    We welcome all parents and carers to our setting and we are passionate about developing and nurturing effective partnerships with you. For more detail about our teaching methods, please visit our Curriculum page. We would also be delighted to tell you more about us and the Montessori Method. Most importantly, we go above and beyond to provide a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for your child, helping them to grow through experience and play in a setting where they feel special, comfortable and confident. To find out more about Clacton Montessori & Day Nursery, contact us today.

    Clacton Montessori – Local Offer 2024

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    To find out more about what we have to offer, please speak to our friendly team today. We would be delighted to tell you more and how to enrol your child.

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