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    The school day doesn’t end when the bell rings. Our exciting and enriching program of after-school activities provides children with lots of opportunities to explore and learn. Most importantly, our after school club gives you peace of mind that your child is secure and safe in our care and enjoying every moment.

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  • A Wide Range of Activities

    Our after school club is an invaluable resource for busy parents and will keep your child entertained and cared for in an inspiring and secure environment. When you leave your child at our after school club, you can be sure they will have a wonderful time while you are taking care of life’s responsibilities. Using discovery and tactile play, we will introduce your child to a wide range of activities, such as art, music, language and movement. Our range of activities means that your child will never be bored while in our care.

    • My son has settled well here. Everyone is welcoming and knows our names. He loves his key person and is in a small group of 7 children. Agree he gets messy but they give you t shirts so you don’t have to use your own clothes. He loves the trips out to the beach and park and exploring in the huge garden. He loves it so I’m happy. They are also flexible with the sessions. Oh the building work previously referred to has finished. If you want a personal touch then try here.

    • My child has settled in well. A personal welcome each day and good bonds with all staff. Children all seem happy and their is a friendly atmosphere. Small rooms and groups of children makes sure everyone really gets to know your child. Love it here

    • What can i say ,i have found this nursery different from all the rest.Staff are friendly and supported my disabled child so well he has come on in leaps and bounds.I am always welcome to stay or call any time.It is being decorated inside at the moment and is a bright place to be.The garden is the sort of place where kids can get up to all sorts of mischief with out getting hurt,but be warned do they get dirty.(which I dont mind).lovely home cooked dinners are a bonus,and activities all look like such good fun.

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    We would be delighted to tell you more about our after school club and program of activities. We are as committed to providing your child with the very best care and wealth of resources after school as we are during the normal school day and have a full curriculum of activities for children to engage in.

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